What am I, but a maker of pictures? From the very first crayon, ‘twas a love that would never expire. I’ve since moved on to other methods and mediums (sorry Crayola), but the love for arting remains.


I have a BFA from York University where I double majored in filling up sketchbooks and taking pictures of my roommate’s cats.


I am an expert movie marathoner, lover of vanilla, and magpie of many a shiny thing.


I love to cook, despite my horrible habit of just grabbing two or three different recipes, using the parts I like, and hoping for the best. Things are usually edible… (apologies to the potluck crowd).


Someday, I will see the world. My dream is to go on an adventure, camera in tow, with another great humon and see where the wind takes us, but for now I will make do with what’s in this great backyard of mine. I believe there is beauty in everything and I make it my mission to capture it all and carry it with me.


My head will always be in the clouds; I day dream. Constantly. Photography is my way of connecting with the world. Drawing is my way of connecting the world with my imagination. I like to blur the lines between the two.


Feel free to join me as I play in the many mediums of picture making!

photographer ● artsy-dabbler ● faux bear hat enthusiast

photographer ● artsy-dabbler ● faux bear hat enthusiast