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inspired by justin timberlake’s future sex/love sounds album cover by terry richardson. skirt by jordan de ruiter.

See ya later bye, 2015. It’s time for a new year.


I’m not big on resolutions, I find it better to stay resolute all year round; evolving yourself a little bit every day. I’m still really bad at a lot of things {doing my dishes right away, waking up on time, not leaving enough time to get places… generally being an adult}, but I think it’s okay to recognize certain patterns in yourself and just accept them as a part of you rather than letting them become a source of anxiety every January.


I am really bad at finishing personal photos and sharing them in a timely fashion though. This needs to change, at least a little.


2015 brought me many wonderful things. Steady, enjoyable, creative work. My first home/studio. I attended and photographed all 12 Creative Mornings Toronto events. I got to help take care of 18 different foster kittens. I adopted one of them:

laura crowell, laura makes pictures, 2015, photography, self portrait, luna lovegood, toronto cat rescue, foster kitten, torti

miss luna lovegood and myself.

All in all, I think 2015 brought me what my creative soul needed: good, solid reasons to stop making excuses. The things that used to stop me from starting and finishing work just aren’t there anymore. I’ll need to retrain my brain this year that I can actually do things, which I’m sure will take a little while to fully sink in, but I’ll work at it a little bit everyday. 


I’m excited for 2016 though. There are some big things on the horizon.


Perhaps the most terrifying creative challenge of my life thus far; I’ve been selected by Photographers Without Borders to go on a solo volunteer trip to Bolivia to aid a local grassroots organization in Cochabamba. I will be spending two weeks with Ninos con Valor {Children of Value} photographing the day to day lives of the volunteers and children they work with in an effort to elevate their visual communication efforts. Ninos con Valor works with abandoned and orphaned children in an effort to help them find their ways in the world and give them the skills to help others with similar pasts.


If you’ve never heard of Photographers Without Borders, they are an organization that pairs volunteer photographers with grassroots charities and NGOs around the world who don’t have the resources to tell their stories visually. By providing them with professional images, they can continue to do their amazing work while furthering their reach, raising awareness, and inspiring positive change.


I’ve never traveled solo and I’ve definitely never traveled as far as I’m going to be going, so I’m very much looking forward to it.


If you’re interested in helping me out on this project, I have a donation page set up to help with the cost of getting me there and back again. My goal is to reach $4000, but anything over and above the actual costs involved with the project are going to be donated directly to Ninos con Valor, so I’m hoping to surpass it! Every little bit helps. I have until the end of February to raise the funds, so there’s not a lot of time left. More information about the project as well as what your donations help cover can be found on the donation page. 


Please feel free to share my fundraiser with your family and friends:


Happy New Year, everyone. ❤