Creative Mornings is one of my favourite free events. It’s a monthly breakfast speaker series geared towards creatives and takes place in over 100 cities around the world. It’s also run entirely by volunteers, which makes it a very special event to attend. Everyone involved is so passionate and it really inspires a sense of community among creatives {and let’s get serious, a lot of us go to work in our pajamas, so it’s great to get dressed, get out, and surround ourselves with awesome people}.


I volunteer whenever I can to photograph the events. I don’t like sitting still for too long anyways, so this way I get to attend the talks while wandering around with my face behind the camera. 


The first talk I photographed was the Toronto chapter’s September 2014 talk on the theme of Colour. The speaker was Tiffany Pratt; a glitter bomb full of rainbows and sprinkles and ribbons and joy and enthusiasm for life. Seriously, she’s that lovely. She hugged everyone who spoke with her following the talk. She’s an inspiration just to be around. {Tiffany, if you’re reading this, please adopt me!}

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This has probably been my favourite speaker event that I’ve ever been to. It was held at the 918 Bathurst centre and the lovely team of volunteers decorated the entire great hall with so many colourful streamers. Each attendee also got a handmade bracelet from Tiffany. So cute!


I highly recommend watching the whole talk {available here}. You’ll find it particularly uplifting if you have multipotentialite tendencies. BE ALL THE THINGS!


If you’re interested in attending a Creative Mornings event, just check out their website to see what talks are happening in a city near you.