If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll probably know that I have a Flickr account. Apart from this blog, it’s probably where most of my recent work will appear {in bits and pieces, at least}, so if you have an account feel free to follow me on there!



Breakfast At Tiffany's {www.lauracrowell.com}

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

I recently found a very big group on there {~10000 members} that the Flickr team runs called Flickr Friday. Basically, every Friday they will release a theme and you have the week to come up with a photo to submit to the group. I haven’t submitted anything before, either due to not having an idea, or I’ll have just-the-thing but it’s something I’ve already shot and thus can’t submit, etc.


On November 8 though, the theme was Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Now, I love me some Audrey Hepburn, so I immediately had this image come to mind. I can’t believe I actually pulled it off. Usually what I have in mind doesn’t materialize exactly how I want, so when it actually happens – that’s magic.


I shot this in about half an hour in a basement. I attempted to use my wireless triggers for my light, but the batteries had died and I didn’t want to wait for them to recharge {why did they have to take AAA batteries only!}, so I decided to be resourceful and use my external flash to trigger my strobe. Super sloppy, but whatever. MAGIC. I got my image made, returned the room back to its natural state, and still made it to my good friends’ vinyl listening party all within the hour. All in all, a good Sunday evening!


What I sort of forgot about though, was that Flickr collects their favourite images from that week’s theme and makes an entry about it on their blog. Their highly viewed blog. They included my image this time around, which is so super cool! It effectively blew up the view count on my entire photostream, making me feel like high fiving the internet. I’m not really used to that much traffic coming my way, so it was a really fun surprise to see that overnight there was so much activity happening. It was such an amazing pick me up. I usually feel like I can’t produce the images I want to because the space I have to work with is way less than ideal. Whenever I’m feeling like that, I’m just going to think back to this picture. It’s no masterpiece, but I made it with the bare essentials, I got it done, and it worked. 


You can do a lot with a little.