Did someone say Crystal Ballroom? Those were all the words I needed to decide to put the King Edward Hotel on my list of places to visit for Doors Open Toronto. This year’s trip had me travelling along King Street, so my third stop was supposed to be One King West, but the line was a little bit crazy when we got there so we skipped ahead to this one instead. It also had a bit of a line, but since both places are hotels, a lot of that had to do with elevator capacity.  Thankfully, once you get into the lobby of the hotel there was someone there entertaining the line with information on the history of the hotel and the Crystal Ballroom. Turns out, the room was actually being renovated at the time, so the chandeliers in the lobby were the most crystal you’d get to see at this location {magpie Laura sad}.   

King Edward Hotel
King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel
King Edward Hotel

This is the view out of the window from the image above this one. Can you spot the Monsanto GMO protest?

King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel King Edward Hotel

Apart from hanging out in the lobby, the tour takes you up to the Crystal Ballroom and you’re free to wander about in there. It’s actually a really lovely room, even in the midst of renovation. It would make an amazing location for a fashion editorial shoot or a music video. I forget which floor it’s on {I want to say 18}, but I remember being surprised by how high up we were once I got a look out the windows {from street level you can’t actually tell how tall the building is}. There’s a pretty nice view looking down King Street East and all the way over to the lake.


There wasn’t much more to it than that. All in all, I hope I get to see it again once it’s been restored!


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*chandelier graphic by hotpinkscorpion