This is almost the view I have while sitting at my desk. Minus a few key intrusions, such as a big shelf, my laptop, and various other things that don’t really matter. Basically, if I’m home, I get to see the beautiful afternoon sun spill in through the front door and bounce around in this tiny hallway. It does wonders to chase away the stir crazy.


I was inspired to do this shot by said afternoon sun. And that dress. I had it hanging there on the bathroom door for a while as a sort of reminder to find a way to take care of that pesky coffee stain on the front of it. Side note; if anyone has any amazing remedies for already-attempted-to-remove-but-it-didn’t-really-work stains, do please let me know.


Anyways, more to the inspiration: I wore that dress on a date. I think it was one of the first times the boy and I actually met each other somewhere rather than leaving together to the destination, so for some reason it felt a little more special. Also, it’s just one of those dresses that you feel like a million bucks in because there’s no way to look bad in it {except for perhaps the coffee stain, but that happened another time}. So, simple dress + simple afternoon light = inspiration.


I need to pick up the pace on this series. There are so many cool things to highlight about this apartment; I just need to find a way to make them fun and creative at the same time.


Also, tidy up. That’ll be my main obstacle. 

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