apartment series; the first

I have a very tiny, adorable bachelor apartment. It’s still very strange to me that I sleep in the same room as my refrigerator, but you get used to it after a while {the discovery of earplugs drastically improved that situation). I’ve been meaning to utilize this space for some personal work for a while now, but between working full-time and spending near the same amount of time dedicated to finding a way out of that, I really haven’t done much creative work in the last two years. Wow, that kind of hurts to think about actually!


Around the time our clocks sprung forward and we started having later sunsets, I started to really appreciate the unique space I live in. I had a whole bunch of ideas come to me in that week and now that I have time again to focus on my own work, I can’t wait to create!


This is the first of the series. I’m a little ambivalent on what to call it officially, but it represents a lot of things I’m sure creative folk and/or people my age can relate to. I don’t like to get statement-y with things, because I feel it condenses the idea more than I’d like, so I’ll leave it at that and you can take from it what you will.


What I learned while making this image, though, was sort of a re-realization that strange and surreal portraits may just be my thing. Or maybe they’re just a comfort zone. I’m still experimenting and have a lot to learn about pretty much everything, but I think this may be where my strengths lie… and that’s not a bad thing. It just means I have to work harder at everything else. So as painful as they are, I think I just need to embrace the self portrait. At least for now.