Last month was yet another Doors Open Toronto weekend, which I was more than happy to get my tourist on with! I recently exchanged all of my pennies on a brand new lens and couldn’t wait to try it out {PS I’m in love}. It’s only been a month now too and look I’m already posting about it! Blame the rain. It’s occasionally useful for tackling the backlog of unedited photos in my collection.


So, let’s talk about the first stop I made this year; the Toronto Carpet Factory. I’m going to file this one under cautionary location. If you’re a Doors Open fan for the purposes of learning and hanging out in mad olde buildings, this one may be a bit of a let down. The actual site is gorgeous, with its hidden courtyards and back walkways and ivy covered everything. But! Inside is actually just a bunch of offices and the tour consists of… touring those offices. You start off in the basement where they keep all the start up companies, which I guess as they grow continue to move up floors to bigger spaces, until finally you’re on the top floor and you really know you’ve made it in the world. Unfortunately that’s about as educational as it gets. The rest was literally learning about two particular companies; one start up custom wallpaper business in the basement, then up to the top floor where you’ll find some internet provider. 

Toronto Carpet Factory Toronto Carpet Factory Toronto Carpet Factory Toronto Carpet Factory

I give the tour a resounding meh. Riding the freight elevator up from the basement was pretty fun though. So there’s that. If you’re planning on visiting this place, I recommend just hanging around on the grounds. I’m pretty sure you can do that anytime though, so no need to wait for Doors Open 2014!


Coming soon: Commerce Court North, King Edward Hotel, One King West.