Could somebody please explain to me where summer trucked itself off to? I feel like I didn’t accomplish anywhere near the amount of things I wanted to do. It was still a lovely season spent with lovely people, but man do I miss the pleasantly whimsical life of being a university student. Time was slower then. I’ve been catching myself feeling that a lot lately. Does that make me an adult? Boo. Boo I say.

 Well I guess it’s not a terrible surprise that autumn just appeared one day. Starbucks announced the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, so naturally the temperature dropped out of the thirties into the teens overnight. Also, I’ve resumed my classes for my Digital Photography Certificate; two this semester, two the next and then I’ll be done! Unfortunately they both fall on Saturday, so I’m down to a one-day-weekend. Not a terrible thing; I am still young, but I do enjoy being lazy so this has taken a wee toll on me. So sleepy all the time, always. Really all I have the energy for after work anymore is watching Doctor Who and Community reruns while Instagraming pictures of my boyfriend’s cats. Party.

 Alas, I shall get over it. I’ve got a three day weekend {and an extra day off because I asked nicely} to enjoy thanks to the wondrous time in October known to we Canadians as Thanksgiving. No classes on Saturday! I shall be spending it with the boyfriend’s family in the beautiful Middle of Nowhere, Ontario. I’ll be bringing my camera and capturing all the colours and getting some ideas out while I can, because, let’s face it: winter is coming. If I’m this lame now, I can’t predict much photo productivity happening once the time changes and I don’t see the sun again until spring. Better get a head start on things to work on indoors…

 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!