Let me tell you a little something. See, I have these two friends who kind of like each other. Tomorrow, these lovely pals of mine are getting married. What fanciful fun that shall be! Let us all gander upon their general beautifulness and wish them all the happiness in the world. All of it! 

Seriously though, aren’t they just so good looking?


 This little portrait session is from a while back {like two years ago now!}, but it still has some of my favourite portrait shots that I’ve done. Not only was I working with naturally good at stuff people, it was also one of the first times I really just got to wander around downtown Toronto with photo-taking being the main intent {always a good time in my books}. We started out in the Distillery District and then made our way up to some random spots along King Street, then down to the Harbourfront area. It was a wonderful day!


 I’m really happy I got to know these two over the years. They really are a lovely couple and they’re going to have a great life together. Congratulations to you both and Happy Wedding Eve!


{I am still so very sorry about all the blinding}