Why hello there, gentle readers! Whether by accident, fate, sheer random clicking, or because I bullied your social media feeds into paying attention to me, you’ve found your way to my new blog! Fancy that. 




This has been a long time in the making. Not to make it sound like this is going to be epic or anything {but we can hope}; it’s just that it’s been on my mind for a while. So many things have been stopping me from just getting started! I get stuck when I reach a hurdle of a task that I’m not really in to doing {and there have been a few!}, but they turn out to be sort of essential for getting to the parts that I am looking forward to.* I was hoping to have a logo or some sort of passable entity of the like ready to go before I dove in to this project, but alas, motivation. That’ll be on its way eventually. I also still need to determine all the wonderful capabilities of this gorgeous theme by The Theme Foundry. Speed bumps, ahoy! 


But let’s just forget all that! I’m here. I’ve got pictures to make and a place to put them – unified under a vague enough theme to keep me happy. And that is what this is really about: that I really just need a place to be. I’ve got a lot of ideas, I love a good crafternoon, and I’m looking forward to cooking some visual meals for ye all. It’ll be like Instagram… but with real photos!


So, stay… tuned? Is that what we do with these things? 

*I’m just as awkward as my writing is.
vintage camera lilac